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Thank you for visiting my Web site. I am a professional attorney, certified in Florida and practicing in Tampa. I'd like to help you with your Injury and ADA legal issue. I am available to youANYTIME via phone.


My first book will be released this summer.

As I said in some of my previous interviews, my first book about being a stand-up comedian is going to be published this July. Though I donít have any information about when the book will be in stores, you can already read its fragment on my website.

Did you

My career started from a pure improvisation 10 years ago.

My first stand-up performance took place in the secondary school, where I was studying at that moment. Though I didnít take the first place in the schoolís talent competition, my stand-up performance was awarded with Sympathy Prize of Viewers.

the young

A legal blog journalizing my experiences as a practicing attorney in Tampa, Florida.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, and in 2013, began to author my own legal blog entitled "The Young Lawyer". I continue to write articles pertaining to the challenges young lawyers face in todays ever changing legal field.

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