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Terrana, Perez & Salgado is established in litigating insurance claims.

Terrana Perez & Salgado, P.A. has over 100 years of combined attorney experience handling all insurance matters, including coverage opinions and trials on complex, third party litigation. Our team of attorneys are aggressive and motivated to obtain outstanding results for our clients. The firm consists of profoundly experienced civil litigators in two locations, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale. Terrana Perez & Salgado, P.A. is one of the most diversified, available, and convenient regional civil litigation firms in Florida.

Terrana Perez & Salgado, P.A. litigates all insurance matters, with a particular focus in handling property and liability claims, both pre-suit and trial. We handle all property damage claims including sinkhole, wind, water damage, theft, lightning, hurricane, and fire losses, as well as liability claims resulting from an automobile accident, dog bite, motorcycle, slip and fall, premise liability, and construction defects.

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Liability Claims

Auto, general liability, homeowners, and personal are among the most common cases heard within the U.S. Courts, and require the highest level of legal knowledge.


Property Claims

Assessing damage or loss caused by natural disasters, negligence, willful act or accident is the first step in successfully filing a claim and recovering damages.


Defect Claims

Defective, hazardous or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year. We navigate the legal rules to determine the responsible party.



Our form of alternative dispute resolution utilizes a neutral mediation to focus and guide parties to a common ground, in an attempt to resolve legal issues.